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Comprehensive Commercial Real Estate + Investment Solutions 

“One of the things that I like most about Gulfstream is the fact that it is vertically integrated. Everything from the real estate to the design to the build makes it seamless.”

Ted MitzlaffOwner + CEO, Goodwood Brewing Co


Experience the opportunity to invest in qualified Opportunity Zone Funds featuring shovel-ready new-construction real estate projects strategically positioned within designated opportunity zones. This innovative investment avenue presents the potential to optimize your capital gains by minimizing or even eliminating associated tax liabilities. We would love to talk with you about our comprehensive real estate solutions!





Gulfstream boasts a robust track record in cultivating diverse properties, ranging from retail and medical offices to multi-family residences, hotels, and industrial spaces. Our expertise extends beyond conventional roles, as we willingly embrace roles as sole developers, collaborative partners in joint ventures, managers of third-party projects, and orchestrators of public/private partnerships across markets. Notably, one of our current focal points involves seeking opportunities for retail shopping center development through acquisitions or innovative new constructions.




Our representation encompasses more than mere negotiations and acquisition agreement preparations; it encompasses in-depth analyses of entitlements, regulatory frameworks, third-party liabilities, environmental considerations, and comprehensive due diligence evaluations. We consistently craft and negotiate pivotal development documents, including reciprocal easement agreements, development covenants, community facilities arrangements, signage agreements, access and utility easements, condominium declarations, and instruments governing property owners associations, thereby ensuring comprehensive and effective support throughout the process.


Gulfstream stands as a dependable and efficient property management service provider, delivering cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget. Our comprehensive real estate solutions include administration, reporting, maintenance, tenant engagement, lease renewals, snow and landscape upkeep, invoicing, budgeting, expansion strategies, legal and title services, inspections, and construction oversight. In essence, we are the all-encompassing answer to your property management requirements.





Backed by over five decades of collective expertise, our commercial and industrial construction team has successfully undertaken projects of varying scales. Our portfolio encompasses renowned brands like Wal-mart, Mercantile, Hobby Lobby, May & Federated Stores, Lowes, Cheddars, Academy Sports, Hilton, Marriott, along with an extensive range of establishments including restaurants, condominiums, medical facilities, and shopping centers.

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