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Our Team consists of some of the most knowledgeable and specialized professionals in the area.

Matthew R. Hayden

President and Partner

Matt Hayden is the president and co-founder of Gulfstream Commercial Services, LLC, a national development and real estate brokerage firm specializing in integrated tenant and property owner solutions from concept to closing and beyond. Matt leads a high energy results driven team of construction, development, aviation and real estate professionals who are laser focused on mission accomplishment and success. Matt has over two decades of construction, development and operational experience throughout the southeastern united states and specializes in creative partnerships within the hotel, retail, commercial, and industrial sectors. His leadership and vision continue to drive results and expand the business and development portfolio of our local, regional and national client/partners.

Fahr M. Juneja

Partner and Principal Broker

Fahr is a young real estate professional, entrepreneur, and business investor. Fahr’s experience includes managing diversified investment portfolios encompassing the restaurant, entertainment, hospitality and real estate industries. He also has extensive experience with commercial real estate assets, including leasing, sales, property management, and investment finance. Fahr is a graduate of the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis, and holds a degree of Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration.

Crystal Patterson

General Counsel

Crystal joined Gulfstream after spending sixteen years in private practice at a large law firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she worked with individuals and entities involved in complex business litigation and transactions. Having Crystal’s expertise available in-house allows Gulfstream to spearhead and quickly conclude investor, partner, lender and tenant inquiries and negotiations. Crystal has held several leadership roles in the American Bar Association’s Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Section.

Ed Ray

Chief Operating Officer

Ed Ray, Chief Operating Officer and Legal Counsel, leads a team of seasoned professionals in all of our diverse business interests. Ed is a proven leader with more than 30 years of combined civilian and military experience throughout a variety of business and civil ventures both domestically and internationally. Ed brings to us years of government and private legal practice in the areas of contract, employment, construction, and partnership arenas. In addition, Ed’s experience in operational management positioned him perfectly to lead our dynamic team to optimize performance throughout our real estate, development, management, aviation and construction divisions.

Mason Richardson

VP, Director of Finance & Investor Relations

Since he joined Gulfstream in 2019, Mason has been instrumental in arranging over $200 million in debt financing for various projects and entities within the company. His expertise in business operations, credit underwriting, loan origination, and financial due diligence has contributed significantly to Gulfstream's success in securing necessary funds for real estate developments and purchases. Mason's exceptional track record and proficiency in navigating the lending landscape have solidified his role as a key asset in the company's financial operations.

Ethan Michael

Chief Financial Officer

Ethan is the Chief Financial Officer for Gulfstream Commercial Services and a Consultant for Gulfstream Capital. Prior to joining Gulfstream, Ethan spent ten years with public accounting firms advising commercial real estate clients in matters of tax, accounting, and investment syndication. Prior to his time in public accounting, Ethan spent eight years in the banking, finance, and insurance industries. Ethan manages the accounting and finance departments for Gulfstream and its portfolio of related companies. He graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Business Administration. He is a licensed CPA in Indiana and currently resides in the Indianapolis area with his wife and three children.

Scott Higdon

Agent and VP of Property Management

Scott Higdon, VP & Business Development Director, is an accomplished leader with 25+ years of experience. He excels in executive leadership, strategic decision-making, and driving organizational growth. With expertise in sales, operations, and supply chain management, Scott delivers outstanding results. He is a licensed commercial and residential agent, specializing in negotiations and contracts. Scott's passion for serving others and maximizing profits makes him a valuable asset in guiding clients through transaction deals.

Robin Phillips

Director of Human Resources

Robin has been a loyal leader within our team for more than 17 years. She organizes and oversees employee benefits, recruiting, payroll, compliance and employee relations. Robin is a seasoned expert in job market analysis and works tirelessly to ensure all of our various enterprises are fully staffed with quality employees at every level. Making sure each member of management understands and fosters the values that make our company culture a place people want to come to each and every day is always a top priority for Robin and her staff. She excels at multi-tasking, has excellent interpersonal skills and is simply the hub of what makes us not only a fantastic place to work, but a great place to spend a career.

Leland Herzog

Director of Marketing

Leland Herzog, Director of Marketing, is a seasoned Marketing Design Professional with 10+ years of experience. Originally from Owensboro, KY, Leland recently returned to his hometown, with his wife and son, after living in Nashville, TN for 13 years.

With expertise in live capture film production, 2D and 3D animation, and marketing strategy, Leland has led global creative projects for renowned brands. His track record includes successful multi-camera live and live-to-tape TV film production, commercial production, and design management. Leland's creative leadership has resulted in impactful social media campaigns, event creatives, and content copy writing.

Moe Maybody

Licensed Realtor & Property Manager

Moe Maybody is a seasoned licensed realtor and property manager with a remarkable background. With over a decade of successful business operations, including running furniture establishments and quick-serve restaurants, Moe has honed his skills in diverse sectors. His proficiency spans over 10 years in facilities maintenance, a role that naturally transitioned into property management. Over the last 3 years, Moe's expertise has extended into leasing and brokerage, showcasing his adaptability and growth in the industry. Meticulous and detail-oriented, Moe is known for his exceptional ability to handle intricate tasks efficiently. He has built a reputation as a professional who not only accomplishes objectives but does so with precision and effectiveness.

Jessie Riley

VP of Business Development

With a remarkable 16-year tenure at Commonwealth Aluminum, Jessie's growth from a production worker and shift lead steward in the union to various management positions showcased his capabilities. Notably, he managed a team of 12 direct reports and 200 United Steel Workers, garnering the CEO award in 2016 for his contributions to scrap segregation metrics savings.

Transitioning to Zampell Refractories, Jessie showcased leadership as Divisional Manager for the Kentucky and Louisiana divisions. His journey culminated at Gillespie Powers, where he excelled as a Business Development Leader and Senior Sales Representative, spearheading nationwide projects for esteemed clients.

Currently serving as VP of Business Development at GulfStream Commercial Services, Jessie's exceptional track record continues. His commitment, excellence, and leadership stand as driving forces behind his contributions to our company's success.

Houston Natcher


Houston Natcher is a real estate professional born and raised in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He is a Licensed Sales Associate for Gulfstream Commercial Services, an avid investor, and an entrepreneur. Houston’s experience includes leasing, sales, property management, and real estate development. Additional experience includes assisting with multi-million dollar financing for real estate developments via HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and traditional financial lenders. He also works as a Project Associate for The Simpson Group, a property management company headquartered in Bowling Green. He is driven by a passion and eagerness to help his clients. Houston is a graduate of the Gary W. Rollins College of Business at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and later went on to receive his Master's in Business Administration from Western Kentucky University.

Cleveland Simpson


Cleveland Simpson is a licensed real estate professional and investor born and raised in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Cleveland grew up in the world of property management via his family’s business, Simpson Property Management. He also has experience in real estate development, construction, sales, and leasing.

Cleveland graduated from Western Kentucky University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance as well as a Master’s of Business Administration.

After earning his MBA, Cleveland spent more than 2 years in the Florida panhandle where he worked for a publicly-traded real estate development company as well as a multifamily/retail general contractor.

He returned to Kentucky in 2021 and is proudly helping grow Gulfstream Commercial Services in the south-central region of Kentucky.

In addition to his career responsibilities, he also serves on the Board of Directors of Bowling Green Country Club as well as the Advisory Board for a local community bank.

Missy Gant

Property Manager

With a wealth of 10 years of experience in property management, Missy Gant stands as a seasoned Property Manager at GulfStream Commercial Services. Her extensive background allows her to skillfully oversee the daily operations of both commercial and residential properties, ensuring their success under her adept guidance. As a former Membership Manager for the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce, Missy seamlessly integrates her networking finesse and community engagement prowess into her property management expertise, delivering exceptional results.

Cole Sturgeon

Real Estate Associate

Introducing Cole Sturgeon: A dynamic individual embarking on a new journey in the realm of real estate. Cole's foundation is rooted in academic excellence, having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Finance from the esteemed University of Louisville in 2014. Notably, his passion and dedication also thrived on the baseball field, where he proudly contributed as a four-year member of the Cardinals' baseball program. This experience laid the groundwork for an impressive nine-year professional career, during which he thrived within various esteemed organizations.

Now, as Cole sets his sights on the real estate landscape, his unique background promises a fresh perspective and unparalleled tenacity. At Gulfstream, he will play a pivotal role in leasing, property management, and acquisitions—a testament to his multifaceted capabilities. With a blend of academic prowess, athletic discipline, and a genuine passion for real estate, Cole Sturgeon is poised to make his mark in the industry.

Jenny Jones

Administrative Support Manager

Introducing Jenny Jones, our dedicated Administrative Support Manager who brings a wealth of experience and a vibrant personality to our team. With nearly a decade of experience as a paralegal, Jenny's journey has been nothing short of dynamic. She's a devoted wife to Chris and a proud parent to three wonderful kids, Coby, Kadi, and Ty. A true people person, Jenny's outgoing nature and team-oriented mindset have always shone through. Her journey led her to us, where she discovered not just a workplace, but a family. The bonds she's forged and the friendships she's made have truly transformed her work environment. As the Administrative Support Manager for our COO, Jenny's fingerprints are on a multitude of vital company operations. From insurance claims and coverage to legal matters, event planning, internships, and representing us at career fairs – Jenny is our versatile cornerstone. Her unwavering dedication and infectious enthusiasm uplift both her colleagues and our workplace.