The RiverCity OZ Fund(s)

Pay as little as $0 in capital gains on your investment returns.

What is an Opportunity Zone?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 created Opportunity Zones which are specially designated geographic districts across the United States that grant investors tax breaks for deploying investment capital into these zones.  


How does the opportunity zones program work?

This is how it typically works: An investor sells an asset and generates a capital gain. The capital gains from that investment are then reinvested within 180 days into a designated Opportunity Zone Fund / Project.  

If the investment is made in 2019 and held, the capital gains liability on the original investment will be reduced by 10% after five years and by 15% after seven years. After 10 years, the new capital gains taxes generated from the opportunity fund investment are reduced to zero.

For those interested in real estate and/or investing and/or paying less in taxes, this is one of the most beneficial tax reforms in decades. Learn how Gulfstream Commercial Services. LLC can help you be a part of a fantastic project and take advantage of this opportunity.


Now Is The Time

Why invest in The RiverCity OZ Fund(s)?

The RiverCity OZ Fund(s) are qualified Opportunity Zone Funds with shovel ready new-construction real estate projects within designated opportunity zones.  This is an exciting new way to invest, reduce or even eliminate your tax liability on capital gains.


Defer and reduce capital gains by investing in Opportunity Zones under the Tax Reform Act

The tax overhaul bill created a tremendous opportunity for those investors who have capital gains and are looking to defer and reduce taxes on those gains. These original taxes can potentially be deferred until 2026, and, in addition to those benefits, when held long enough, appreciation from the new investment can be realized tax free.

Note: We are a development company and not a tax or legal firm. We do not give tax or legal advice and you should consult with your tax and legal professional on all transactions and investments.  

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